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UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

College of Environmental Design

Dept. of Landscape Architecture

ReScape California

Creating ecologically responsible landscapes with focus on water and soil conservation, waste reduction, bio-diversity, beneficial wildlife support


Permaculture certification

Laney College, Oakland, CA

Eco Art Matters

Merritt College, Oakland CA

Permaculture, Beneficial Garden Organisms

Commonweal, Bolinas, CA

Permaculture, The Dyer's Garden and its use

JFK University, Pleasant Hill, CA

Eco Therapy Sessions, Healing Gardens

Institute of Urban Homesteading, Oakland, CA

Home garden food production in urban environment, domestic animal housing and upkeep

Merritt College, Oakland, CA

General Education, Social Science, Photography

Gymnasium Prague 5, Radotin, Czech Republic

General Education, Biology, English


Bay Friendly Qualified Professional, Certification by ReScape California

American Society of Landscape Architects Certificate of Honor for Excellence in Landscape Design, Student Award

Bakewell-Brown Competition Winner Architectural Detail Drawing

University of California, Berkeley

College of Environmental Design,

Landscape Architecture

over 30 years in the local field & keeping on learning

Born in Prague, Czech Republic, a.k.a. Bohemia, Martina Ladova came to the SF Bay Area from then communist Czechoslovakia in 1985. After several semesters of  political and social sciences, journalism, photography, and the English language at Merritt College, she was accepted into UC Berkeley's Landscape Architecture department. The program's curriculum  encompassed not only her life-long interests in  trees and plants, related beneficial organisms, applied art, and design, but also the broader environmental, social, philosophical and psychological aspects of shaping our physical surroundings.

After graduation, before braving the world of design and build, Ladova worked for local nurseries to boost her knowledge of California native flora and the vast array of  plants produced  in cultivation.  At the same time  she was fortunate to gain excellent mentors in site specific design, various hardscape techniques, carpentry, drainage, irrigation, outdoor lighting, and creek restoration.

With over 30 years dedicated to creating Bay Area landscapes, now more than ever Ladova believes in healing our environment through honest and sensitive practices informed  by shared experiences and continued, locally based education and enlightenment.  Most recently she has taken part in the yearly Northern California Permaculture Convergences, Oakland's Institute of Urban Homesteading's  sessions, Andree Thompson's EcoArt Matters courses at Laney College, has earned a "Bay Friendly Qualified Professional" certification through the Bay Area-based pioneer organization, "ReScape California", received a QWEL water efficient landscaper certification, and has become a part of  EBMUD's lawn conversion design assistance program.


qualifications and


EPA Water Sense and QWEL certified

Registered Soil Party member and Watershed Wise Landscape Professional, G3  Group (Green to the Third Power)



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CCWD Landscape Design Assistance Program
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