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how it works



our work's purpose is to create beautiful and inspiring places that awaken the senses, celebrate life on this planet, and reflect our clients' wants, needs, styles, memories, passions and budgets; close attention is paid to design detail

at the same time, we focus on ideas and practices that help rebuild local ecosystems, support and protect wildlife, re-purpose plant and building materials whenever possible, pay close attention to water use and soil health, and generally represent an improvement over so-called conventional methods


There are some things we stay away from, roundup application and artificial turf installation being two of those


design work


full scale landscape design

all architectural styles

ecologically sound solutions

low water planting design

creative concepts

efficient irrigation design

site specific design


outdoor rooms


native plants

wildlife habitat

pollinator-supporting landscapes

edible gardens

rain gardens & bio-retention

permaculture design

urban farming

coaching & consultation


installation work


natural style stonework

site-appropriate planting

creative retaining walls

lawn conversion work

efficient and durable irrigation

sheet mulching

permeable hardscape surfaces

dry set flagstone

creative carpentry

repurposed materials

water-smart drainage systems

bio-retention concepts

outdoor lighting

architectural stonework

container planting

outdoor artwork

winter maintenance


some of the above installation work may be done in collaboration with our local contractor colleagues

steps a typical project  may take


--first site visit & discussion, generally non-obligatory


--design proposal,  consultation fee proposal, or other appropriate  planning stage agreement

--first  design draft, discussion, draft revisions as needed

--materials suggestions, samples, stone yard visit, etc.

--working design draft

--plant suggestions via emailed photos and information; nursery visits if/as needed

--project installation estimate

--site preparation, unwanted plant removal

--installation stage, sheet mulching, grading, drainage,     carpentry,  hardscape,  irrigation  and  lighting  setup,  soil preparation

--plant placement, discussion


--drip irrigation

--plant training, staking





every plant brought to the project site has been hand- selected for best available form and health condition

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